Front Porch Refresh

Now that we’re in the middle of summer and all of its hot, muggy glory, we want to give you a few ideas to spruce up your front porch. Everyone gets excited to clean and plant new plants when Spring rolls around, but by July the front porch is probably getting ignored. Since we all need some motivation from time to time, we came up with a few easy tips that can be done in less than one hour to give your front porch a midsummer refresh. Oh and remember, back to school is about a month away and you want your porch to be ready for the First Day of School photos!

  • Do an overall cleaning- If you haven’t cleaned off the porch in a while, then get to work. Just spraying off any furniture, cleaning off cobwebs and wiping the doors and windows will make a huge difference. If there are any weeds hanging around in your planters or flower beds after all the rain, take a few minutes to pull them. Don’t get too distracted and pull out the pressure washer. Just do what you can do and hit the areas that will be the most impactful.
  • Add a fun wreath to your front door- if your wreath has already started to dull from the summer sun, replace it with a new one that can carry you into September. We pulled a few great options.
  • Get a new rug – This is usually an easily forgotten or ignored item at your front door. One mistake we see so many people make is choosing one that is too small. Make sure you select a rug that is wider than your front door, so it does not end up looking too small.
  • Update your planters and add new plants- If the plants in your planters have seen better days, why not replace them? Add something with bright colors that can carry you through the rest of summer and possibly into Fall. There are also some great subscription services that will ship you new plants for your front porch each season. We are definitely checking them out!