Date Night at Home

We know all the excuses why you don’t have regular dates nights with your spouse- we don’t have a babysitter, we’re trying to save money, or the old standby…we’re stuck at home due to a quarantine. (well maybe that one is due to recent events.) We get it. It’s hard. But taking time out to focus on your relationship should always be a top priority. Since you may not always be able to go out for date night, we wanted to offer ideas for Date Nights at Home beyond the basic movie night.

Wine Tasting

Pick up a few bottles of wine (or if you’re like us, just go to your inventory) and have a wine tasting at home. Get a few different varietals of reds or whites, hide the labels with a paper bag, and see if you can guess what grape was used. We suggest starting with 3-4 different types.



Progressive Dinner

You may not be able to go house to house but what’s stopping you from different rooms of your house. Start with appetizers in the office, dinner in the dining room, and dessert outside. We love using different spaces in our homes and this is a fun way to change it up without leaving.

Dine Alfresco

When is the last time you had a picnic or had dinner outside? If the progressive dinner seems like too much work, stay in one spot but outdoors. Fire up the grill or just make your plate inside and then eat outdoors. If you’re really feeling adventurous, pack it up in a basket, grab a blanket and have a picnic in the backyard.

Cooking Competition

Have you ever watched one of the cooking competitions like Chopped? Why not have your own against your spouse. You each can choose a surprise ingredient that the other has to use in a dish. It’s like a game and dinner in one. Make it fun!

Video Games

Yeah, we said it. Kick the kids off the games for a while and have a little fun for yourself. We have one of the old (now new again) Nintendo’s with the original Mario Brothers. It was so much fun playing again and took us right back to when we were kids. If video games aren’t your thing, then find a board game or something from your childhood that will bring back great memories.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you incorporate a date night into your schedule as often as possible. It is a way to stay connected, unwind, and get back to enjoying each other.

Happy Homing!

Allison and Erin