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New Spring Decor- 3 Ways

I decided to start shopping for some fresh, new decor for Spring and wanted to bring you along. I have a problem with home decor and clothes where I feel a new season equals an opportunity to shop. I’m sure I’m not alone here. I wanted to see what some of my favorite stores had as well as check out Amazon Home. I always like to make small updates around my home as a new season approaches. That being said, I like to make these subtle additions without making huge investments. I think small decor items, new art work, some florals, and maybe even an accent chair can really create a seasonal touch without breaking the bank. These small changes brought out seasonally can give a constant refresh to your decor. I chose to look at Pier One, Kirlands and Amazon Home. I also put together different looks for each one that represented neutral, light pastels and brights. I’d love to know which represents your style!

Pier One is up first with a neutral look. The first thing I saw was the Frenchie doing yoga and I will totally be purchasing both dogs for my home. I also fell in love with the candlesticks that come as a set. I love the detail and the varying heights. Oh, and that clock!!!! I think all these pieces either together or separate add soft touches of Spring throughout the home and all can easily transition into other seasons. Links to all items are below.

Pier One

Yoga DogBox WoodClockVaseFloral Canvas Wall ArtSilver Yoga DogTriangle SculpturesAbstract Wall ArtPillowGray Pillow Candle SticksGreenwood Curl Arrangement

Kirklands is up next. I seem to always find what I’m looking for at Kirklands and then some. I tried to stay with very soft, Spring pastels in this group. I started with the painting which basically screams SPRING. I feel like you can really pair so much with these colors and it will all look great. I also adore this chair which happens to be on sale right now. I have been searching for a chair to put in a weird corner of my house and I think this may be the winner. I had to include the set of three candles because I feel candles are a must in every season!


Floral arrangementsWall ArtChairCandlesLamp •Pink PillowFloral Pillow Gray PillowBasket

Last, but certainly not least is Amazon. As we all know, you can find anything you need on Amazon but I find I am much more successful when I have a specific item in mind versus just browsing. I decided to go in with an open mind and just start searching for inspiration. Although it did take a bit longer to pull all of these items together, I have to say Amazon is a great place to find home decor. I was searching for brighter pieces and I really like everything I found. The three bicycle pictures are so adorable and fun. I was able to use them as inspiration when looking for the rest of the decor. The plant is REAL, not something I expected to find, and had amazing reviews. I also love the tray and lanterns. Everything is so fun and bright!


Fiddle Leaf Fig TreeFarmhouse TrayWall Art Yellow Pillow CoversSolid Yellow Covers Green Printed Pillow CoversPlanterLanternsRug

I hope you enjoyed “shopping” with me. I know I will be picking up a few pieces from each store this season. I think you can mix and match from each retailer to really get a great, new look. Whether you choose one piece or all, I know they will help add a touch of Spring to your home and maybe even in your step!

Home Redesign and Interior Styling- What’s it all about?

Everyone has heard of interior designer and I think most people have a pretty solid understanding of what you would get if you hired one. But, do you know what home redesign or interior stylist is and what you would get if you hired one?

Home Redesign or a more glamorous term, Interior Styling, focuses more on using what you already have to create a more functional, stylish space that works for you and your family. It is a more economical solution than a full interior design project because in most cases they can make small tweaks like rearranging furniture, adding accessories or organizing a space, to help you create a home you love.

Have you ever sat in your living room and thought, I really love almost everything about this space, but something still feels a little off? Do you have a room or space in your home that you can’t seem to keep organized? No matter how many times you have moved accessories or furniture around you still can’t quite reach the look you were going for. This is where a home redesign project would benefit you. You typically start with a consultation and evaluate what is currently working or not working in the space. Then you would identify key decor pieces that you love and want to keep in the design. From there, a very customized plan is developed for you based on your time and budget. Some designers have the option of doing a 2-hour consultation and providing you a detailed list of updates and purchases to make so you have the confidence to make the changes as your time and budget allows. You can also take it a step further and actually have them assist you in the implementation of the plan. The end goal is to leave you with a home you love that is designed with your lifestyle in mind.

You deserve a home that brings you joy. You deserve a well-organized home that works for you and your family. You deserve a space to come home to each day that promotes relaxation. If your home is possibly missing the mark on any of these, you should explore how the small investment of a home redesign project could help.

If you’re interested in exploring the services Walker Hill Designs provides for redesign and styling, click here.

Is your home Color Perfect?

Color is complicated. Color can set a tone of a room, it can make a room seem more formal or informal, it can create a feeling of order or chaos. People have an emotional reaction to color, and it can affect your mood, energy level, and overall feeling when you enter a room. Basically, when you break it all down, color is one of the most important elements of the design of a space and it typically evokes the most fear when designing or changing a room. Let’s face it, paint is expensive and it’s really quite a pain. We have all been there. You see a color on a tiny sample at the paint store. You love it, it is the exact color of the rooms you spent hours browsing and pinning to your boards on Pinterest. You buy a few gallons and hire a painter or decide you’re going to do it yourself. You prep the room by moving furniture, protect the flooring and start taping everything off. Hours later after all the prep work, you finally get started. Hmmm…. That doesn’t look like the sample but maybe it will look different when it dries. Hours later… it doesn’t look the same as the room on my Pinterest board. A day later, I hate the way this looks. Back to the paint store. Money wasted. Time wasted. Energy wasted. Does any of this sound familiar?

Finding paint colors you like by spending time on Pinterest is a great start, but it is only the beginning. There are so many other items that have to be considered before diving head first into a pool of color. Color Consultants help guide you through a process of choosing a paint color you love and one that works for your home. If you have darker furnishings with mainly gold undertones, no matter how great that gray looks in that perfectly designed room on Pinterest, and no matter how much you love it, it will not work in your home.

Color Consultants (at least properly trained ones) have a process that is followed when selecting the best paint colors. It involves looking at the trim, cabinets, countertop materials/colors and existing furnishings. Then we review the overall look you’re wanting to achieve to find the best fit. It is a very detailed approach to selecting paint colors, but it is an approach that will ensure you’re not going to end up with a lot of wasted money, time and energy. Barbara Green from AOL Real Estate said that almost half the paint sales are generated from people picking the wrong paint color. At one point on Houzz there were over 326,000 discussions on the subject of people who chose the wrong paint color and they needed help. Color is complicated and there is no shame in relying on an expert to help you the next time you’re ready to make an update to your walls! You can spend your weekends enjoying life instead of mindlessly staring at tiny paint samples.

If you would like to learn more about the certification I hold in color, please click on the image below.